Maintenance Services

Oberstadt Landscapes yard maintenance services can be provided on an individual, weekly, monthly, or bimonthly basis.




Maintenance Services

Landscape Maintenance

Perennial Care
Tree/Shrub Pruning
Fertilizing/Lawn Care
Rabbit/Deer Protection
Insect/Disease Control

Plant Splitting/Removal

Leaf Removal


Leaf Removal

Container Care

Edge Beds/Pavement

Clear Gutter/Roof

Clean Birdbaths/Fountains

Recurring Maintenance

This program operates roughly from April 1st through December 1st. We strive to keep your landscapes maintained on a three-week rotation. You will come to expect that landscape planting bed maintenance such as weed control, maintaining planting designs up-to-date, fertilizing, disease and pest control, mulching, deer and rabbit protection, and technical pruning services.

Selection and planting of annuals are also a popular desire for clients. We provide experienced suggestions regularly to keep your property in the best shape.

Fall & Spring Clean-Up

Getting your garden off to a running start in the spring can be the key to having a great-looking garden in the summer. Additionally, proper winter protection before harsh Wisconsin winters makes a big difference to your plant’s health come springtime.

Depending on the time of year and your specific garden’s needs, we will cut back herbaceous plants, fertilize, top-dress mulch, weed, prune as needed, and remove leaf litter and other debris.

Fall Clean Up Services

Install Tree Wrap

On Young Trees for Winter Protection

Install Hardware Cloth Around Shrubs & Trees

If Susceptible to Winter Damage from Voles & Deer

Transplant/Propagate Perennials

Removal of Leaf Debris

Prune Woody Plant Material

Cut Back Perennials

Empty/Store Annual Containers, Garden Art, etc.

Drain and Store Hoses

Install Evergreen Boughs

Over Tender Ground Cover to Protect

Water Evergreens for Winter Lifecycle

Spring Clean Up Services

Removal of Debris

From Planting Beds, Ground Cover, Turf Areas

Removal of Winter Protection

From Shrubs & Trees

Edging of Planting Beds

Re-mulching of Planting Beds

Fertilization of Plant Material

Pruning to Remove Dead and Diseased Limbs, Correcting Size and Shape

Application of Pre-Emergent Weed Control to Minimize Future Weed Growth

One-Time Renovation

Are you hosting a backyard barbecue, graduation party, or outdoor wedding this year? Are you planning on selling your property this year but need some curb appeal? We offer one-time maintenance visits to enhance your landscape and reduce your stress level before the big event. This type of maintenance can include any of our above services.